Custom Homes – Do They Really Cost More?

Most people believe that having a custom home built is the most expensive option when it comes to buying a new home. That misconception comes from not understanding the true definition of a custom home. A custom home is a home that is built to fit your unique lifestyle and taste and does not have to include the most expensive amenities.

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Perhaps relating it to purchasing a car it will help us explain this concept. The last car we purchased came with lots of ‘extra stuff’ that we would never have chosen if we were given the opportunity to choose. The ‘extra stuff’ is nice I guess, but we didn’t need it and don’t even know how to use some of those gadgets. The point is that we wound up paying for ‘extra stuff’ that we never use and would not have chosen if we could have picked out only the options we wanted. A custom home is similar in that respect. Why pay for options in your new home that you will never use? Why settle for room sizes or layouts just because somebody else wanted it that way or because the builder was just following a set of plans? When you are building a house, it often doesn’t cost anymore to make extra room in the master suite and less in the guest bedrooms for example, if the overall shape and square footage of the house doesn’t change. Making the kitchen more useable for your personal lifestyle doesn’t have to cost more if you just change the cabinet layout to fit the way you work and don’t choose upgraded or additional cabinets. Many types of flooring are relatively close in overall cost, so being able to choose the type and color of flooring materials doesn’t automatically increase the cost of your house. Other examples might include plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, appliances, wall and ceiling textures, and even some changes to the exterior look.

So it does automatically mean that your new home will cost more just because it is custom built? The answer is no. It could actually cost less because you are not paying for amenities that you do not want or need. I think the concept that custom homes are always more expensive comes from the fact that so many people who choose to build custom homes include many upgrades. But custom homes do not have to include those upgraded, pricey amenities.

Choose a builder who will work with you to build a home that better fits your unique personality and lifestyle. You don’t have to settle for a home because you think that’s just the way it comes! As long as you don’t increase the overall size of the home or make changes requiring a plan to be re-engineered, you could end up with a home that fits you more perfectly and reflects your taste without spending any additional money.

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