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The Bitterroot Valley is a wide, 96 mile-long Valley nestled at the foot of the Bitterroot Mountains and the Sapphire Range. Home to eight friendly communities, and only a short drive south of Missoula, the Valley boasts lush ranches and some of the most exquisite views in the country. The valley is drained by the Bitterroot river, starting near Lost Trail Pass and coming down through Sula, Darby, Hamilton, Corvallis, Victor, Stevensville, and Florence before ending with Missoula, Montana.

The Bitterroot Mountains offer a dramatic backdrop to the valley communities, nestled in one of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world. In contrast to the Bitterroots’ steep canyons and pine forests, the Sapphire range to the east offers a more gentle, though equally impressive view of high ridges and open meadows. Much of the mountain land is managed by the Bitterroot National Forest, and the view of Blodgett Canyon west of Hamilton is one of the most stunning features of the valley.

Throughout this landscape, ranches pepper lush fields, fed by the Bitterroot River, running along the length of the valley.

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Local Attractions

The Bitterroot Valley hosts recreations for a wide variety of interests. With incredible natural resources and welcoming local communities, there’s something for everyone in the Valley!

  • Fishing – 14 fishing access points along the Bitterroot River, means there’s always something new to discover. The Bitterroot River is also well-known for its blue-ribbon fly fishing.
  • Trails – No matter your skill level, the Valley is an ideal launching point for a hiker’s paradise. With the Bitterroot Mountain Range and its snow-capped peaks on one side, and the rolling hills of the Sapphire Mountains on the other, there are trails for all interests including snowshoeing, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing, as well as trails for horses and ATVs.
  • Wildlife & Birding – The valley boasts a rich and biodiverse landscape, home to a wide variety of wildlife. Natural wetlands and four local wildlife refuges, make for unparalleled wildlife watching.
  • Cultural Attractions – The Bitterroot Valley is home to a number of historic locations, including an opportunity to retrace the steps of Lewis and Clark and to visit Montana’s oldest town. Home to museums, theaters, and even a youth symphony, the Valley offers regular cultural events without a long drive.
  • Golfing – The Bitterroot Valley is a true golfer’s paradise with multiple regional club options, each with stunning vistas that allow you to enjoy Montana’s illustrious scenery and wildlife from high-quality courses.
  • Snow Sports – There’s plenty of options for snow sport enthusiasts. Two nearby ski resorts offer ski and snowboarding opportunities, and the Bitterroot Ski Club maintains a varied network of classic and skate skiing trails.
  • Big Game Hunting – Montana has some of the largest populations of big game wild animals in the continental US. The Bitterroot National Forest nears the top of the list, with the most common game being elk, mule deer, and white tail deer, and offers a number of campgrounds that can serve as home base. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Goat, and Moose can also be hunted under special permits.
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Your Next Community

The Bitterroot Valley offers more than beautiful views. We also have the infrastructure and amenities you need for a full and healthy life. Our welcoming communities offer some of the warmest hospitality you’ll find anywhere, with restaurants, walkable shopping, and wineries to enjoy as you settle in and get to know the Valley.

Each community in the Valley has its own school district, with competitive elementary schools, and a central junior high and high school for residents. We also have a comprehensive range of health services, including private practices and the Marcus Daly Memorial Hospital.

Our valley boasts a dry climate and low humidity, with temperatures ranging from around 20° in January to highs in the 80s in July. Due to the variety of elevations and bodies of water in the area, we also have many unique microclimates.

Local Events

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