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Our Clients Share Their Beautiful Building Experiences

At Big Sky Builders, we take immense pride in the strong relationships we’ve built with our clients throughout the years. Each and every project we undertake is a testament to our dedication, craftsmanship, and commitment to providing an unparalleled home building experience. As our valued clients become members of the Big Sky Builders family, they share their own stories of success, satisfaction, and the joy of living in a home that truly meets their needs and desires. We invite you to read through these testimonials.

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We spent 2 years researching builders in the Bitterroot Valley. We reviewed websites, online reviews, and if possible, tried to go to open houses of previous homes they had built. We had it narrowed down to 2-3 builders and what sealed it for us was the level of detail and pictures that Big Sky Builders had on their website. The level of detail and watching the projects go from an empty lot or field to the finished home were amazing. We reviewed almost all the projects on their website, and they were very consistent in how projects were developed and completed. We had a positive experience with every step of our project with Caleb, Casey, and Julie. Casey was very patient and educated us on various choices of building materials and design. Big Sky Builders uses a very comprehensive and detailed online program to help the homeowner keep track of the progress of their construction timeline. We have built a couple of other homes, and our experience wasn’t even close to what we had with Caleb and Casey. All projects will have some level of issues, but Casey and Caleb did a great job of helping us navigate those. Our project was done on time, high quality, and within our budget, these are all things that usually are unheard of in the home construction process. We would highly recommend Casey and Caleb to build your home. Mike & Darci Warren Client - Stevensville, MT
Big Sky Builders of Victor Montana is extraordinary. After our very first meeting with them we knew this was the contractor we wanted to build for us. We learned so much about them in our very first meeting, 2nd generation builders, quality homes that have won awards, and very honest, especially about what they can provide with the budget you bring them. The most impressive thing to us was their ability to provide a build schedule and to keep to it. When we approved the plans, they provided a schedule and they delivered. When our build started, they told us our move in date would be 3/9/2023 and on that date it was ours to start moving in! They have an app that allows you to have all the information available to you, schedule, selections of material and finishes and the ability to communicate directly with them regarding any one of those topics so there is no confusion about what faucet goes on what sink or the flooring for each room. We provided them a floor plan that we liked, and they were able to make changes to customize the space to be uniquely ours. They also have floor plans that they can provide if you need. They scheduled all our appointments with the product vendors, so we had someone there to guide us in our selections of lighting, flooring, cabinets and countertops. We appreciated that because we are not designers! They are up to date on current building standards, and they make sure that no corners are cut. The project manager visited the site regularly and would make sure things were to the Big Sky standard and if there were issues, they were quick to have them corrected. The Big Sky team is very responsive when you have questions, and they are proactive when there is a need to advise you of a change to the schedule or a delay in materials. We never felt as though we weren’t sure what was next, we could always send a message or check the schedule and get the answers we needed. We are so grateful for the honest and caring way that they built our home. We have been moved in now for about 3 months and every single day we appreciate the work that they put in, especially through this winter build. The Big Sky team took care to make sure this dream home of ours was everything that we wanted, and by doing that, they took great care of us! Andy & Trudi Nielson Client, Stevensville, MT
If you are in the market for a custom home in The Bitterroot Valley (and beyond) my husband and I highly recommend Big Sky Builders. They built our home over the course of Spring and Summer of 2019. This was our first custom built home so we had many questions. Both Caleb and Casey were wonderful to make sure we understood every step we were taking. We were living at the property as our house was being built so we got to see every step and meet all of the sub contractors. Each and every one was totally professional while being friendly and courteous. As we began our contract with Big Sky Builders we were given a time line of how the building would progress. Each milestone was spot on! If the time line said the roofers would be here they were here. We never had to guess. Casey came to the building site EVERY DAY. He always took the time to visit with us and explain every small detail of the construction. He felt more like a friend than a General Contractor. If you are considering a custom built home and it is important to you to end up with a house you love I recommend Big Sky Builders. Your house will be finished on time to your exact specifications! Thank you Caleb and Casey! We love our house and we are so grateful we chose Big Sky Builders! John and Susan Sandru Client, Hamilton, MT
Dianne and I would like to thank the Tiptons (Casey, Caleb, and Ray) for a truly inspiring building experience. Our journey started with finding the right builder to assist us in our dream. We looked at a number of builders in the Bitterroot Valley and the Missoula area, and after talking with Ray, Casey, and Caleb, decided to go with Big Sky Builders. Boy, did we make the correct decision! They are great professionals with a great history in the Bitterroot Valley. We found that other builders were comparing themselves to Big Sky Builders, so why not hire the best! Casey Tipton was our Project Manager and what a delight to work with! Casey is incredibly knowledgeable, meticulous with details, and very easy to work with. It was obvious right from the beginning that Big Sky Builders hired the best subcontractors and also expected them to perform in a professional way, and to meet all deadlines. We had heard a number of horror stories in the Bitterroot Valley about subcontractors not meeting deadlines or their workmanship being sorely lacking. Big Sky Buildings only hires the best! I remember talking with one subcontractor as the house was about one month away from the completion date and wondering out loud if the completion date would be met, since we had just sold our previous house after two days on the market. The subcontractor looked directly at me and said that he has worked for the Tiptons for over 25 years and they have never missed a deadline! Words can not explain the gratitude and admiration we have for the entire Big Sky Builders family (Tiptons and their subcontractors) for helping us build our dream home! We would especially like to thank Ray for accepting our challenge, and for Casey being the ultimate professional, gentleman, and his attention to details. They made an experience that is typically stressful be down right enjoyable! If you are in need of a new house, Big Sky Builders is a fabulous choice to make, resulting in a thoroughly memorable experience! Paul and Dianne Hansen Client, Stevensville, MT
When we decided to build a home in Montana the best decision we made was choosing Big Sky Builders as our contractor. The team of Caleb, Casey and Joe did an amazing job. Their business model made the whole process effortless. All the bad stories you hear about building a home definitely does not apply here. From the beginning there is a schedule and budget approved by the home owners. Throughout the build they stayed on schedule and budget, any changes to the budget were because of the home owners request. Our project manager, Joe, was always in touch to make sure we were constantly updated and to ask if we had any questions about anything. His suggestions throughout were also very helpful. The end result was a quality home that we love. Big Sky Builders stand behind their work and if there are any problems they make sure it is taken care of. They even finished 2 weeks ahead of schedule! I still can’t believe how easy it all was. (Bates Project) Connie & Rodger Bates Client, Florence, MT
My husband and I are thrilled with our experience with Casey at Big Sky Builders. The Tiptons made the building process easy and managed every detail efficiently. Never a delay. Never a glitch. Casey kept everything on track behind the scenes and we never experienced a hiccup. When our design overran our intended budget they were ready with practical advice to cut costs in ways that never truly affected our vision. Big Sky’s sub-contractors are wonderful to work with. Casey knew when we needed our hands held and when the subs could handle our decision making and I actually had fun making my choices! We love our dream house. It’s everything we wanted and more! I had heard such horror stories about how stressful building would be and I am happy to report that I found it quite fun. Great customer service. Great communication. No nonsense. Just quality results. Jeff & Barb Harriott Client, Stevensville, MT
Now that most of the boxes are unpacked and the dust has begun to settle, as we look back on the last 5 months, we realize we could not have asked for a better building experience. We bought our piece of property in Florence almost 10 years ago after a 5 year search, so this has been a dream of ours for 15 years. Once we knew our retirement date we started to interview builders in the Bitterroot Valley. We are so glad we decided to go with Big Sky Builders and Casey Tipton! From meeting with us on our property before we broke ground to when he handed us the keys, Casey has been professional, courteous, creative, attentive and punctual. We were living in both Pittsburgh and Dallas throughout the building process, and Casey kept us informed with updates and pictures every week. We ended up faxing him a very crude drawing of what we were hoping for in our retirement home, and Casey offered valuable insight based on his experience to help us get exactly what we wanted within our budget. And, unbelievably, it was exactly 5 months from the time we broke ground to the day we moved in. We were very impressed with the work ethic and friendliness of every one of the sub contractors. Casey, Ray, Caleb and Joe have developed a terrific relationship over the years with them, and Casey is quick to point out that it is his sub contractors that contribute to the success of their company. Their workmanship and attention to detail was excellent throughout the entire project, and Big Sky Builder's business model was well laid out to keep everyone informed of which contractor was working when. We couldn't be happier with our new home, and would highly recommend Big Sky Builders! Amy & Denny Barrett Client, Florence, MT
----- A Truly Beautiful Building Experience ----- Our dream has always been to relocate to Montana from Delaware once our children were grown. We looked on the internet to try to find a builder who would build us a quality home, like the one we had back east. We found that with Big Sky Builders. From the start Ray Tipton and his crew were with us 100% in every way possible. Every phone call, every text, every email was responded to promptly. Any questions or concerns we had were addressed in a professional, competent manner with patience and kindness. Ray, Joe, Casey, and Caleb are some of the finest people we have honestly ever met. We never were made to feel like "outsiders", which only reinforced one of the main reasons we wanted to move to Montana; the people are just "different", in the best ways possible. All this AND we have a beautiful, quality built home that we love just as much, and in some ways better, than our home in Delaware. From the planning stages to the finishing touches Big Sky Builders were a pleasure to work with and we feel very blessed to have found them. Thank you Big Sky Builders for making our dream a reality! Jeff & Marion Bateson Stevensville, MT
Nic: As a Realtor, I have witnessed all the stereo-type problems of building a home and was determined to find a really good builder. And I did - all the testimonials I read before contracting with Big Sky turned out to be absolutely true. I'd like to add a couple more: I found that because Big Sky was so precise in their scheduling they saved us many thousands of dollars on both our construction loan and on extra rent spent waiting for it to be done. Interest rates for permanent loans have increased almost 1% since we've moved in but Big Sky helped us avoid that as an extra bonus . Addl, Big Sky's subs showed up exactly when scheduled (or early), and if they were not quite finished as scheduled, they were on site working late into the evening, or in some cases, all day Sat and Sun out of respect for the next subs so as not to slow anyone down. Big Sky had told me they had the best subs - and they were right! Our brother-in-law is an architect, and his unsolicited comment was "your home is very high quality construction. You got a good builder here". I heartily agree! Gordon Griffith: Caleb and Ray at Big Sky took my wife's dreams and made them a reality! Nicolene Lundborg & Gordon Griffith Client, Stevensville, MT
Casey, Caleb, and Ray, Congratulations on being named the Builder of the Year for 2014. We know from our firsthand experience with Big Sky Builders that you are well-deserving of the recognition. It’s been a few months since we moved into our new home, and we would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all your hard work and all the effort that went into the designing and building of our home. We didn’t realize until we went through the process just how much goes into the building of a house and how many people it takes. As the Project Manager, Casey was wonderful to work with. His attention to detail is remarkable. He often made suggestions on different things we could do to make our home unique and provided options on how to do them while staying within our budget. He was on site almost every day. We always felt he was looking after our best interest. We are thankful that you didn’t mind that we were on site almost every day as well. It was exciting to watch our home built from the ground up and it gave us the opportunity to see all that takes place building a house. Now we know our home from the ground up and inside out. By being on site so often, we got to meet many of the subcontractors who had a part in building our home. When a question or issue came up, since Casey, the subcontractor, and we were all onsite, we were able to discuss the issue, make a decision, and move forward. Our building project seemed to run smoothly and you stayed right on schedule. In fact, we moved into our home a few days earlier than the schedule called for. Thank you Casey, Caleb, and Ray for making our building process fun and stress free. It was a pleasure working with you all. We would be happy to be a reference for any of your potential clients. We can’t thank you enough for making our long-time dream finally come true. Larry & Karen Ruckman Client, Darby, MT
Thank you for building our beautiful home in Hamilton. We are so impressed with the high quality and custom feel of our new home. We had our home built while we were still living in New Mexico and are amazed at how incredibly easy it was to communicate during the project with Caleb via email, cell phone and the posted project pictures. We only came up twice during the construction process, the last time was when the framing was complete. Caleb was an awesome contractor and was consistent in his patience, professionalism, and genuine concern that we got everything we wanted in our new home. We highly recommend Big Sky Builders to anyone wanting to build a quality custom home you can be proud of. John and Debi Hansen Client, Hamilton, MT
What more can we say that hasn't already been said? What a beautiful building experience it truly was. After interviewing 3 contractors, we decided the thoroughness of Big Sky Builders was what we wanted. We had already bought a piece of property with fantastic views of the Bitterroots. This property had 2 metal buildings already on it, one with living quarters, so we would be living on the premises during construction. Dennis travels for work and would not be here for most of the construction. So we had to have most of our decisions made before he left. That in itself was a huge task. Caleb oversaw our project. He redesigned the roof line and west windows to take full advantage or our views as that was one of the most important features for me. It’s all about the VIEW!!!! He did a superb job and the windows frame those mountains and seem to bring them in. Having never had a house built before, I found living here while it was all going on to be very interesting. From ground breaking to finish, the thoroughness and attention to detail by Big Sky Builders and all of the subs was impressive. If I had questions about how or why, Caleb or one of the subs would explain that to me. The subs were professional, polite and we were impressed with the quality of their work. We love our new home and still marvel at how much better it all turned out than we expected!! And it was done a week ahead of schedule to top it off. Our hats off to Big Sky Builders and all of their subs and especially Caleb for making this adventure, which could have been one of life’s most stressful experiences, to one of the most pleasant!!! THANK YOU BIG SKY BUILDERS! Jan and Dennis Rach Client, Stevensville, MT
THANK YOU for the great job you did on my house! Casey took a very difficult task and made a wonderful home for me. Thank you for your work and your support throughout the project. It would never have turned out so beautifully without your help. You are great at what you do with a bonus of being great with the people you work for. Again, thank you. Betty Marthaller Client, Hamilton, MT
We want to thank Caleb for doing such a stellar job managing our remodel. It turned out beautifully, and it was a pleasure and a joy to work with you. Russ & Maria Laughlin Client, Hamilton, MT
Connie, Sean and I would like to thank Ray, Casey and Caleb for building our dream Lee Kierig home here in Hamilton. Each day we marvel at the beauty of our home and of course that wonderful view of the Bitterroot Mountains. For over 25 years while living in Virginia I planned on building a log home. I attended dozens of log home seminars and workshops. All that changed when we were looking for land with our agent Bruce Gould and just by luck happened to drive by a breath taking home, which you had built and Lee Kierig had designed. Bruce got us in touch with Lee and you and our almost 4 years journey began. We bought our land and met with Ray and Casey and Caleb. Each summer when we returned to Montana we would meet with Big Sky Builders and walk the land to find the perfect location. Although we met with several others builders in the Valley, no matter whom we talked to, bankers, real estate agents or local merchants the story about Big Sky Builders was always the same “You can’t go wrong with Ray Tipton. His word is his honor’’. We certainly found that to be the case. Most of all, you and your sons’ patience, professionalism and craftsmanship are second to none. Both Connie and I have had other custom built homes. I myself have plenty of horror stories about my experience. So I expected some bumps in the road. But there were none except those we created by changing plans, fixtures, heating systems, floor plans and many other hundreds of modifications we made along the away. Again your patience and professional insight was greatly appreciated. Casey was great, as the project manager. Always available, not tomorrow or the next day but now. “Sure, I’ll be there in 10 minutes” was his consistent reply. It is so nice to meet and work with a young man of his caliber. Polite, knowledgeable and an eye for that added touch which brought out the beauty and functionality of our home. When people comment about our beautiful home, we say with pride “This is a Big Sky Builders home, and it truly was a beautiful building experience.” Tom & Connie McQuillan Client, Hamilton, MT
We saved the best for last! Having gone through the experiences of building seven previous homes, we found that building our final retirement home with Big Sky Builders was truly a Beautiful Building Experience. Since this was to be our last home, we were drawn to the universal design features that Big Sky Builders offers - the open floor plans, no halls, wider doorways and curb-less shower. The quality workmanship, budget conscious guidance and constant communication were exceptional - hands down our best ever building experience! Ron & Judy Keeler Client, Victor, MT
During the winter of 2010 my wife and I considered the possibility of putting on an addition to our home. We would draw and change and then draw again until things started to make a little sense from our view point. As we worked on the design, we also started listening to other peoples' construction stories both good and bad. It was interesting to observe what some folks encountered along the way. As we began early spring, we became more serious about taking the next step forward. We got our drawings together and decided to give Ray Tipton of Big Sky Builders a call to set up a meeting. Well within a few days, we were sitting across a table as they were looking at our drawings. Ray started in asking questions, making comments and even suggested that we have an architect review our rough sketches. A few days later, we were all meeting again including our new found architect. Big Sky had an estimate of various stages of construction and with their help and the help of our architect; we were able to put together a budget number so Big Sky could start working on an actual cost of construction. Within a week or so Big Sky was ready to sit down and present a formal proposal to do our home addition. Caleb Tipton made the presentation and while it was concise it was also complete. Everything was covered, priced and explained in detail. Options we had requested were outlined in detail so there would be no surprises at the end of the project. What was covered and what was not covered were stated in easy to understand language. It made our decision easy and we left that meeting knowing that our builder was going to be Big Sky Builders. In June, we signed our building contract with Big Sky Builders and within a week they gave us a four month calendar listing what would take place on each day of each week. They were not perfect as they had to switch some tasks around due to weather, but that only happened a couple of days. We call that perfect in construction! Big Sky is a "hands on" builder as I don't remember more than a day or two during the entire job that someone from their office was not by the jobsite. Any issues or questions we had could most often be addressed then on the spot. Anything needing more research was usually handled within a day. Not only was this builder available on almost a daily basis but also 24/7 via e-mail. Big Sky Builders is a tech savvy company operating with today's equipment and the capabilities of accessing information worldwide. During the course of construction, it was quite evident and most reassuring that our builder had an excellent relationship with the subcontractors. It is always great to see people working well together and this was also evident among the subcontractors themselves - a real team effort! Issues and problems, which every job has some, were addressed quickly. If a meeting was needed, they were put together to work with our schedule and the issue resolved at that time. Again, Big Sky's quick response kept everyone on schedule. I think what best describes the efficiency of Big Sky Builders is that the schedule given to me in June showing Oct 15th as the last day on the job was in fact the last day of construction! Folks, it just doesn't get any better than that. We wouldn't think of doing another project without them. Oh yes and Ray, Caleb and Casey Tipton are just great people to work with too! George & Roni Vandergrift Client, Victor, MT
We interviewed three other general contractors before choosing Big Sky Builders for our project. They were all very experienced and capable, so the choice was not an easy one. Since we planned to relocate from the east coast and would not be present during construction, we wanted to work with someone who would keep us informed every step of the way. When we met with Ray and Caleb Tipton to share our ideas and concerns, we were impressed with how thoroughly Big Sky Builders organized and communicated the entire building process. They provided a detailed work and payment schedule up front. We were able to view photos on their website during construction, and as the work progressed, they really helped us make good choices and avoid bad ones. Now that our home is finished, we can say without hesitation that Big Sky Builders was the right choice. Our home was ready to move into on exactly the day promised. There were no nasty surprises along the way. Workmanship and finishing were outstanding. Big Sky Builders has seen to every small detail and met every expectation. They turned our dream into reality, and we could not be more pleased with the experience. Reggie & Carole Page Client, Stevensville, MT
Wow! Amazing! Our vacation cabin looks superb!!!!! I am so very happy and cannot thank you enough. You have been nothing but a professional, thank God. That is not what I am used to when working with contractors here in New York City. I love the pictures you send to keep us updated on the progress. You have done a fantastic job. We're so very happy. Thank you so much. Big Sky Builders is the best! Michelle Chinnery Client, Corvallis, MT
We are extremely happy we chose Big Sky Builders to build our new home in Montana. The attention to detail and the quality of work were outstanding. The daily construction schedule provided at the beginning of the process was followed to the letter. Every item on the schedule was completed within a day or two of the planned date (often ahead of schedule) and our home was completed right on time. Caleb was a superb project manager; he went out of his way to keep the lines of communication open. Since we were not living in Montana during construction, we relied on Caleb and Ray to keep us informed during every phase (weekly pictures were great) and we were never disappointed. In addition, Ray, Caleb and other members of their team made suggestions that improved functionality, resulted in cost savings, or enhanced the appearance of the interior and exterior. When we decided we did want to make changes, Ray was both flexible and responsive in identifying the impact of those changes. We always knew where we were financially and had no surprises during the process. It was very clear to us during our visits to Montana that every supplier and subcontractor knew what the expectations were from Big Sky Builders. Without exception, they took great pride in their work and it is certainly reflected in the final product. We highly recommend Big Sky Builders to anyone considering home construction or remodeling. Mary & Gary Pickens Client, Hamilton, MT
We want everyone to know how thankful we are for all of the experience and guidance that Ray and all of the Big Sky Builders crew provided us in the construction of our new home. Having never been involved in the construction of a home, we had no idea what to expect. Throughout the entire process, they were there for us, going over all the options and providing valuable input. The overall organization and planning that Big Sky Builders provides is exceptional. Not a week went by during construction where they did not contact us to go over the many different phases that were going on, and what we should be considering in the weeks to come. The entire construction phase went as outlined and anticipated, and very much smoother than expected. Their timeline and budget all flowed very well and within the indicated amounts. There were no surprises! The overall integrity and expertise of Big Sky Builders is what made our new home a reality, and we would highly recommended their construction company to anyone looking for a builder. Thank you again for all of your dedication, expertise and friendship. John & Becky Ames Client, Florence, MT
We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the house you built for us. We just got back from five days at the house and could hardly stand to go back to California. The house is just perfect for us in everyway. I wanted to thank you for holding our inexperienced hands through this and guiding us to the right decisions (for us), from both you and your staff. Your experience and advice was invaluable to us. We have heard so many horror stories about getting houses built that we still can't get over how great it is and what a great experience we had! Some people don't believe us when we tell them that you built a 2,000 sq ft home in 3 1/2 months, exactly on schedule! Also, the quality of the workmanship on our house is outstanding, the service was outstanding, all promises were kept and in the one area where there was a misunderstanding you stepped up to the plate and offered to make it right. We found everyone to be professional and courteous. Ray, you are not only a good contractor but a good human being as well. We feel very fortunate to have found you for this project and perhaps you have spoiled us for any other builders. If there is ever anything we can do for you please let us know. Until then, we will recommend you to anybody that will listen! Lauren Cullen & John Kimble Client, Seeley Lake, MT
We have been in our new home for a month now, and we want you to know how happy we are with the final product. We are so pleased with your work and that of your subcontractors. The Big Sky crew (Shawn, Caleb, and Casey) were punctual, professional, and delightful to be around. We miss all of you now that you are on to your next project. Ray, you must have thought you had two crazy and obsessive clients on your hands in the beginning. We asked you dozens of questions and we were so nervous about building the house. You stuck with us, answering every question thoughtfully, and never wavered in your support. Like most people, we had heard the horror stories of contractors, budget problems, and endless delays. You made the process easy. We can truly say that it was a pleasant experience. You gave us a finish date and were done on that date. Not only did you finish on time, you used excellent materials throughout the house, stayed on top of everything and everybody, and surpassed our expectations. Ray, we appreciate that you are an honest man with integrity. We never had to worry about you mismanaging our money or building materials. We have had "that" experience in the past, and we can't tell you how terrific it was to have you go over every detail, let us know the bottom line, and then stick to it. We came to rely on your expertise in every area. Finally, we have to say it all came together in a beautiful way. Our home is everything that we wanted and then some. We are enjoying every moment in our new surroundings. Thank you, Ray, for making our dream a reality. Phil & Dorreen Romans Client, Hamilton, MT
Big Sky Builders came highly recommended and I can see why. Ray gave me a copy of his construction schedule before he got started and he finished the very day he said he would even though I had requested some changes and some extra work. His bookwork was clear, concise, and up-to-date so I always knew exactly what I was spending on my new house. I felt that Ray never took an opportunity to take advantage of me, and always had my best interests at heart. The final bill came to the penny of what he said it would. His wife Kathy helped me pick out lighting fixtures as well as tile and flooring colors and was very helpful and fun to be with. I am very happy and would not hesitate to recommend Big Sky Builders to my dearest friends. They did an excellent job for me. They helped me modify my plans to better fit my needs and were very understanding when I wanted to add or change something. They gave me a schedule and stuck with it, despite a few changes I decided to make along the way. I couldn't be more satisfied and have already recommended them to my closest friends. Very trustworthy and honest. Joan Dority Client, Corvallis, MT
We were living in Missouri, owned land in Montana, had our "dream house" plans, and only needed a builder with a great reputation! We found that – and more – in Big Sky Builders. After talking to Ray on the phone, we met with him in person and were so impressed with his professionalism that we decided we wanted him to build our new home. Ray kept us informed by phone, e-mail and with pictures on his web-site of the progress; we were never left out of what was going on. Ray and his sons, Shawn, Caleb, and Casey are very pleasant to work with, as well as his wife Kathy and his daughter Jamie. Casey was the foreman on our house and he did an excellent job. Jamie took the pictures for the web-site; she is a great photographer and the web-site is top rate. Ray is committed to detail, has excellent Christian ethics, and hires only sub contractors who work to his standards. We had many questions; however, Ray was always patient with us and helped us through the process. Likewise, in many situations, we had definite ideas about what we wanted and Ray was there to help us decide if those ideas would work the way we wanted. The budget was right on line also – we asked for a few changes and Ray informed us of the complete cost before they were started. The house was finished earlier than projected – which was wonderful with the moving van on the way from Missouri! Everyone who asked who our builder was - from the banker to the hardware store - when we told them Big Sky Builders, would reply "They are wonderful. They really get things done right!" Thanks Ray, and your family, for all the work you performed. We love our new home! Howard & Linda Potter Client, Corvallis, MT
Now that our home is built, I wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased Jenny and I were – not only with our new home, but with the wonderful experience we had with Big Sky Builders. First the home… Everything about the house has exceeded our expectations! The workmanship, the finish, and the overall appearance is just excellent. You and your team worked closely with our architect to come up with exactly what we wanted. We could not be more pleased. We are also very impressed with the process itself. We had been warned by friends that building a home was difficult and stressful. It was neither for us. From the initial design phases through final construction, the process was fun, interesting, and stress free. Your website made it very easy for us to monitor the progress of the construction, and you were always accessible to answer our questions. We really enjoyed the process. Jenny and I would be most pleased to serve as references for anyone considering using Big Sky Builders. It was a wonderful experience and we could not be happier with our new home. Mike & Jenny Lucey Client, Hamilton, MT
Thank you so much for doing a great job for my clients, Mike & Jenny Lucey. All of their comments about the experience of building with you were positive. And even more important, they love the final product!! They did this from a far with only 2 or 3 visits during construction. Your communication and photos kept them involved in the process without it becoming a burden. In fact, they had started a remodel of their kitchen in San Mateo at the same time you started to build, and the kitchen remodel took as long as your construction of their home! Thanks again and I will definitely refer future clients to you and your crew! Lynn Kotula Realtor, GRI
"Ray, this is Krista Ober. I want to make another change." This was a phone call that Ray received many times while he was building our house. We lived 900 miles from our building site and Ray was always accessible, patient and efficient whenever I changed my mind at the eleventh hour! Ray spent hours escorting us to many different stores and when he sent us to the flooring and lighting stores, the employees already had copies of our house plan. While we made round trips about every 3 weeks, the Big Sky Builders crew worked non-stop through wind, rain, snow, mud and more wind. Big Sky Builders is so organized, our house went together like a swiss watch. From our initial phone call to the completion of our new home, Big Sky Builders can be summed up with four words: HONEST, DILIGENT, THOROUGH, and KNOWLEDGEABLE. We highly recommend Big Sky Builders for any construction project. Heinz & Krista Ober Client, Stevensville, MT
We are thrilled with our house. It is fabulous. Though it is not yet complete, it has an amazing feeling of comfort and calm inside it already. Tom has got the fever now and looks at the photos on your website multiple times everyday. We find working with Big Sky Builders and Lee Kierig Architect to be a wonderful experience. I laugh to myself when people try to tell us about their nightmare experiences with building their houses. They want us to think that we will have that experience too. We will never be members of their club. Please tell your family that we appreciate all their good work and excellent communication. Tom & Carol Schwan Client, Hamilton, MT
What can we say - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! From the bottom of our hearts we Thank You for building such a beautiful home! We cannot believe that having a home built could be such a wonderful experience! To have a builder so trustworthy, devoted and dedicated to their customers is a rare find. A very thankful client Client, Hamilton, MT
We have had Big Sky Builders build 2 homes for us. Both times the work was excellent and finished exactly on schedule. Ray was very easy to work with and made every effort to make sure our new home turned out to be just what we wanted. Ray is very honest and true to his word. If we ever decide to build another home, Ray will be the one we call on. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. Bill & Sandie Sheets Client, Corvallis, MT
I wanted to "stop my world" for a few minutes and correspond with you about my feelings concerning the recent remodel/additions done by Big Sky Builders for my personal residence. Those feelings can be summed up in one word - EXCELLENT! Ray, I must say that in every aspect of the project, excellence was exhibited. You will recall that in the framing stages of the construction, I had an out-of-state house guest who was a builder himself. After work hours, my guest and I would go out to view the accomplishments of that day. On several occasions my guest had mentioned, "This guy knows what he is doing!" or "You have a good man here, Jim. Your builder's practices are better than the norm." And, admittedly, this was a tight budget for both of us but the project costs came in right on target. One is always concerned about the materials used on one's project, but they were all new, of quality grade, and installed properly. Even your subcontractors were very pleasant (and patient) when queried about an aspect of the job. As an insurance agent, I have an edge in knowing the insurance requirements for a construction project. I was pleased and assured to see all your insurances in place and adequate. I was also pleased to find that all the subcontractors were insured properly as well. Ray, you have done well and I am very, very pleased. If at any time you need a reference, please have whomever call me. Again, THANK YOU for a job well done and at a price to the penny of that quoted. James & Janet Thomas Client, Corvallis, MT
All the monster stories we heard about building a home did not happen because of you! We expected times of stress and difficulties while having our house built, but thanks to you guys the only difficulty we ran into was deciding on colors. Big Sky Builders made the process of building our new home easy and fun. I was also very impressed by the politeness of your crew at the job site. The house is wonderful and we will enjoy it for many years. Grateful new homeowners Client, Hamilton, MT
we lived in Washington state and wanted to move to Montana and build our dream home. With the help of our son & daughter-in-law & a realtor (Sharon Dedmon), we found some beautiful land west of Victor. Once the land was found, we knew the next item was finding a Builder. Ray Tipton was recommended to us by our realtor. She told us that Ray was a good builder and very particular about how he built "his" houses. We called him and felt comfortable right away. We liked the way Ray was honest with us and he asked that we be the same with him. With the guidance of our Lord we felt that Ray was the builder we were supposed to use. We were very impressed with how he wanted to handle the work. We remained in Washington, but kept in constant contact with Ray by phone, fax, and email. His plans were to start the work on March 1st and have the home finished by May 30th. We were surprised that he could really build it in that short of a time, but true to his word the home was finished and ready to be moved into by that time. Working with Ray has been easy. He has been more than willing to help us get things done and/or put us in contact with the companies who could help. John & Barbara Scrivner Client, Victor, MT
We could not have been more pleased with Big Sky Builders during the construction of our home. Their commitment to high ethical standards, detail, and professionalism could not be better. Ray worked with us from the beginning, even helping to design a blueprint. We gave Ray our ideas, shared our thoughts as to how the home should look. Ray readily understand our concepts and came back with structural design, materials, samples, and additional ideas to make our home complete – on time and within budget! Ray is excellent in scheduling and working with employees and subcontractors. He is committed to excellence and our home is a testimonial to the quality Big Sky Builders puts into its construction projects. Thank you "Big Sky Builders"! Ted & Collette Maxwell Client, Corvallis, MT
Ray Tipton worked with my husband and me on several building projects over the last few years and he is by far the best contractor we've ever had. He is very easy to work with, always tells you what to expect up front and, if the unexpected pops up (which sometimes happens in construction), he lets you know what the options are and will give advice, if asked, about which way to handle the situation. He is knowledgeable, honest, hard working and always on schedule. We call Ray first whenever we need a building job done! Val Barzetti Client
I cannot believe how such a major event in my life--building a new home--was carried out without the problems that one often hears about. My experience in working with Big Sky Builders was most pleasant. I was kept informed on a timely basis of each phase of the building operation. I was very pleased having the progress pictures posted on their website for myself and all my friends to see. This was particularly important in my situation since I was far away from the building site. The completion of my home took place exactly as planned. Big Sky Builders is highly recommended by me to anyone who would like to have a hassle-free "building experience" carried out by courteous and professional people. Satisfied Client Client
I've been in the construction business for 30 years myself, and I believe that Ray is one of the best contractors there is. His ability to keep his crew on schedule is virtually unheard of nowadays and very much appreciated, especially when you have a deadline for moving into the place under construction. Another exceptional quality is Ray's availability to the homeowner - he was there for us at all hours and was willing to work through any construction problems with us until they were resolved to our satisfaction. I also liked his clear and timely paper work so there was never any question of hidden costs or overrides. He is always professional in his work and I'd hire him again for any other construction job in the future. Joe Frechette Partner
....Ray Tipton remodeled and in essence rebuilt a house for me that was formerly built in the 50's. I first contacted him from a reference given by my realtor (Mark Dickerson), who had sold me the home. I immediately liked Ray, as he was pleasant, straightforward, and willing to listen to my seemingly impossible requests for a home transformation that would almost double the size and bear no resemblance to the house I had purchased! From the first, Ray was very honest with remodeling prices and provided computer printouts and layouts explaining each phase of the rebuild, and gave me options from the most expensive to the bare minimum to choose from. What I was asking him to do from ideas in my mind, had not been done before, and had to be created into feasible and "do-able" plans by Ray. I was often amazed by his willingness and sincerity in trying to work with and create blueprints accordingly with my requests. He gave me computer printouts with schedules and dates in which his and any subcontracted work would begin and be finished. As the work progressed, and as in any remodel, when problems arose or I decided to make changes or additions to the work scheduled, Ray would always give me a price list and detailed descriptions of the materials necessary and had me sign for the additions or changes, so I always knew where I was at financially before any additional work progressed. This in itself was an amazing feat, as I travel extensively in my job, and sometimes had to make decisions via phone or fax. In spite of many changes and additional work, Ray finished the job a day earlier than he originally projected, and I was able to move into my essentially "new" home the next day. In my opinion, Ray Tipton is a very professional and talented builder, and his work is precise and solid and even artistic. He is an extremly gentle and kind person, and proved to be very patient and willing to try many of the ideas I visualized. The quality of his work is exceptional, and is often verified by guests to my home who have experience or knowledge in the construction field. His charges for work were consistent with current market values, and were exactly to the amounts he projected. He left me some useable materials at the end of the job, and left names of subcontractors as well as his own, and urged me to call if I discovered anything that I questioned or found to not meet my expectations. To sum it all up, I really love the home Ray created for me. It is essentially new, open and bright, and very much exceeded the "dream" I had before I asked for his help. If I were to build again, I would not hesitate to ask Ray to do the work. I cannot imagine asking anyone else! Janet L. Miller Client
Ray Tipton is the best contractor I've had the pleasure of working with. He was always on time, courteous, considerate of my wishes and never made major decisions without consulting me first. I appreciated how fast, efficient and clean he was in remodeling my house in the middle of winter. I have since hired him for other projects and would again if I need any more building done. He's as professional as they come! Rita Staley Client
I've known Ray Tipton (and family) for many years. I've not only handled his business insurance but also his personal insurances. I've also used his expertise in remodeling my personal residence. During this period of time, I've found Ray to be very professional, considerate, conscientious and hard working. Ray isn't hesitant about providing the customer a 10-hour day at an 8-hour price. The work accomplished for my personal residence was superior (as was the pricing). That I can recall, I've never had a single claim on any home that Ray has ever built or remodeled and that I have insured through my insurance agency. I could and would highly recommend Big Sky Builders Inc. and Ray Tipton to anyone needing new or remodel construction. James Thomas Valley United Insurance
In regard to Big Sky Builders I have one thing to say before building around it. Ray Tipton is a man of integrity. That is what his company is built upon. I have known Ray for many years and have used the services of his company. As a retired carpenter and builder myself I see his work as professional in all respects and do not hesitate to recommend Big Sky Builders to any and everyone for any kind of construction or even just minor home repairs. The cost is not a "rip-off" and the workmanship is without reproach. Mr. Harry Uhde Client
When Big Sky Builders came promptly, according to their word, it was so refreshing. Then, the helpful suggestions and creative ideas were appreciated. Good nature and good will are manifested by this company. Mrs. Harry Uhde Client
We chose you as our builder primarily because you took the time to explain the details involved in constructing a home, and the fact that you treated us as if we were your only customers. Having interviewed about every other builder in the valley, we felt that you were the most forthright, thorough, and concerned about our feelings. As soon as you began to build, we found that you were more particular than us about our project. This was evidenced by a conversation that I had with one of your subcontractors. He informed me that you were the most organized builder in the valley; you stick to your budget and your schedule and expect your subs to do the same. He also said that he enjoyed working with you because you were always ready when you said you would be, were fair and reasonable, and that you always pay on time. But most of all, he said your clients always come first. I think that says it all! Another Happy Client Client, MT
Ray, we would just like to give you a "pat on the back" for the high quality of work you have done for us. The price was reasonable and you were right on time, well prepared, friendly and courteous. We also appreciate the work-up you did for our upcoming project and would like to have you start it this next summer. Keep up the good work. Bob & Noreen Johnson Client
If we were ever to build another house, we would have Big Sky Builders Inc. (Ray Tipton) build it for us. We found him very professional. His quality of work was very high. The project was completed on schedule. The pricing, documentation, and execution was handled in a clear and concise manner. And afterward, if there were any problems, they were taken care of promptly and courteously. Art & Darlene Hendrickson Client
we are so looking forward to seeing our new home! The pics on your website look beautiful and we can't wait to spend some time in it. We have enjoyed working with everyone at Big Sky Builders and couldn't have had a better experience. You are honest, accurate and hard working...pretty much everything we could have asked for. NO one believed us when we told them that you would hit your completion date let alone build a 2000 sq ft house in three months, but you were as good as your word. You built the house on time, despite some change orders! Thanks for everything Ray, not the least of which was your sound advice and Melissa's invaluable assistance. Jon Kimble & Laura Cullen Client

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